Our Practice

We've been specializing in Family Medicine with a special emphasis on prevention and integrative medicine.

Drawing from both traditional and alternative medicine, we strive to:

  • Offer the most advanced diagnostic methods available.
  • Utilize the latest and most effective proven therapies, and
  • Integrate the use of complementary/alternative approaches when appropriate.
  • Provide each patient complete and objective care.

Health and healing begins with communication—an open flow between a whole person and a wholly engaged physician and medical community. Our philosophy goes beyond today’s culture of “fast-food medicine” in order to treat not merely the symptom but the total person.

Our interest is wellness and the prevention of disease through the artful practice of medicine. In creating an individualized care plan, we draw on treatment approaches from around the world bringing together the best of allopathic Western discipline and healing practices of Asian tradition. My experiences and travels in the Army which included repeated trips to Europe have formed my world view of medicine.

As dedicated physicians, My partners and I ascribe to the health and healing of the whole person within the integrated context of his or her life. This encompasses medical issues as well as the psycho-social aspects of living, nutritional well-being, and spiritual beliefs. At North Hills Family Medicine, we are part of an expert team skilled in complementary medical techniques, and have access to the most up-to-date laboratory and imaging modalities for use as diagnostic tools.